Alistair Stead - Full-stack BDD and its side effects

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

This is not yet another how do you do BDD in JavaScript talk. This is a talk about how you can apply widespread software design practices such as Design Patterns, BDD, TDD, DDD and SOLID to full-stack development. Less how to use these practices, more how to select and use them effectively.

Just using these tools on their own can lead to unnecessary complexity that can be hard to understand or avoid. So let’s set aside discussions of the language syntax or capabilities and focus on what is important - delivering value to the customer.

This presentation will show how BDD practices can be applied to the different contexts of developing features through a multi-layer stack whilst smoothing the communication, providing detailed direction and showing the value for business owners and developers alike. The result is a feature that meets the business owner’s expectations with happy side effects such as the code being clean, well designed, understandable, fully tested and documented.