The LNUG lockdown blues...

It will be a long time before we are able to gather in the same room and drink beer and eat from the same open boxes of pizza. Until then we will be hosting online talks with social breakouts. It’s BYOB and up to you to make a yourself a cheese toasty.

We are doing what we can to keep our community running. You can watch past events on our youtube channel. To keep up to date you can subscribe to our podcast and follow us on twitter.


Next meetup - June 24th 2020

London Node User Group (LNUG) is a friendly monthly meetup for people using Node.js for fun or profit.
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Next meetup: 24th June 2020

This month we are getting a deep dive into the how and why of web bundlers, and a guide to some node tools for making an emergency website.


  • How to develop a emergency website using Prisma2 ORM, NodeJS, NextJS and deploy it in heroku, and Zeit

    On those critical times, I took the chance to learn something new and tried to PRISMA 2, to create a small website, that shows where there are supplies [Bread, Pasta and ToiletRolls].

    I will go through all the difficulties of developing the app as Prisma2 is still in development, and how to deploy the app in Heroku.

    For the frontend I used NextJS that connects to a nodejs API (very simple) that uses the Prisma client.

    Aris is a developer for a number of years in FullStack development and a servant of the London's community powering CityJS and JSMonthly.

  • Under-the-hood of web bundlers

    A look at the mechanisms inside web bundlers e.g Webpack.

    Starting with why they are still useful.

    Then how to build a small compiler, akin to Webpack. There are many interesting topics in a very small space here.

    Next how to use the output of our compiler with an application.

    Finishing with all the additional parts Webpack does which ours doesn't, hopefully with some idea on how those could be done.

    About me

    I'm a senior developer at Nested with over 10 years experience. We do dev team talks every week and I have taken a couple, usually on the "under-the-hood of" theme. I was previously at the BBC.

    My medium page is, I enjoy blogging.