Writing A CPU Intensive Node.js Server With Worker Threads API - Tamar Twena Stern (LNUG May 2020)

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Node.js provides the developer a system with single threaded event loop architecture, that provides non blocking I/O mechanism. This work great until we get to CPU intensive tasks. In this case, Node doesn’t perform up to mark. This has changed with the release of the worker threads in latest Node versions. We can use threads and write CPU intensive code in Node. This can make Node popular in many other fields of software development, starting from algorithms , AI , complicated computations and more. In this talk I will go over the concept, API and architecture of worker threads. I will show a demo of a Node server that implements CPU intensive task , to assist you to retain a cool new ability to you Node.js coding skills

I am a software manager and architect. In the past, I managed large development teams, and was a CTO of a start up of my own. I have a decade of software engineering experience in various technologies: Server side, big data, mobile, web technologies, and security. I am currently focusing on Node.js, and have a deep knowledge of Node.js server architecture and Node.js performance optimizations.

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