Objection.js a SQL ORM - Paul Jensen London Node User Group May 2018

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Objection.js is a SQL ORM (Object Relational mapping) for Node.js.

In this talk, I will walk you through how the module works, show live examples of it in action, and present the case for considering it in your Node.js projects.

Things that we'll cover are:

  • Quick setup
  • Creating the underlying database schema for your models via Knex.js
  • Creating models and executing SQL queries via the models
  • Implementing validation in your models with JSON schema
  • Defining relationships between models
  • Doing graph inserts and updates
  • Setting up a GraphQL API with the objection-graphql plugin
  • Other interesting objection.js plugins

My name is Paul Jensen, I'm the author of Manning's "Cross Platform Desktop Applications - Using Node, Electron, and NW.js". You can find me on Twitter and Github.