knock-knock-who-there-file-compression-talk_FINAL_2.tar.trz.bz2.gz - Irina Shestak

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Fade in. An opened terminal window. iTerm2 is the flavour. Dracula, the theme. You split the panes in two. You are at it again: a stash of audio buffers and that dream of manipulating a lossless file. With node as your language of choice you embark on the night. You manipulate, you transform, you have your byte order sorted, on their own accord your fingers start to type gzip -f yourFavPhilCollinsSong.wav. All of a sudden, a whisper:

But what if.

we stream.

file compression.

on the fly.

Fade to black.

In this talk we will walk through file compression algorithms in node as well compression standards. We will cover working with streams, audio buffers, and typed arrays to get us to compress and decompress files, and yourFavPhilCollinsSong.wav.


tl;dr javascript, infrastructure, 🍜 🍜 🍜.

The not so short: Irina is a Berlin via London via Vancouver (geeeez grrrl) software developer who is, oh hey, hello, really into node.js. She writes node over at and contributes to a few open-source projects in the meantime. Outside of coding, she spends quite a bit of her time exploring the outdoors, gushing over trains, and reading some Beatniks.