Node microservices at Pizza Hut - Anna Doubkova

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Pizza Hut website is powered by a system of 20+ microservices, all docker-ised and running in AWS. What challenges did we meet while writing it? How do you maintain, develop for, and test a system with extremely high availability on such a scale? It's a bit like juggling twenty fragile glass balls while riding a bicycle. Nevertheless, it's a surprisingly reliable way of delivering the best user experience, and pizza, to our users.

More info I'll introduce our (complex) infrastructure and will talk a bit more about challenges we have faced and how we solved them.

Splitting logic into microservices; changes made into several microservices at once & deployment. Testing our huge products API; running over 20000 unit tests on one microservice, we need to micro-optimise. Making sure it actually works; a system of logging, monitoring, and support About me I'm a software engineer at Pizza Hut (contractor), speaker, node and react developer. Previously worked at Red Badger and Time Out. I recently spoke at JeffConf, React London 2017, several meetups. Twitter handler: @lithinn