Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler LNUG April 2019

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Build your own WebAssembly Compiler

For more than 20 years JavaScript has been the only 'native' language of the web. That's all changed with the release of WebAssembly. In the coming years, you'll see people writing web apps in Rust, C#, C++ and all manner of other languages. But just what is WebAssembly? And what’s all the fuss about? WebAssembly is a low-level compilation target, which means that it is unlikely you’ll use it directly. However, as developers and hackers, we love to know how technology works! In this talk, Colin will look at some of the internals of WebAssembly, explore how it works ‘under the hood’, and look at how you can create your own (simple) compiler that targets this runtime.

About me - I'm a technology enthusiast, working for a consultancy by day, and enjoying myself with open source by night. Here's my blog if you want to find out more about me! I'm a keen WebAssembly enthusiast, I run WebAssembly weekly and did quite a few 'scene setting' talks on WebAssembly last year.

For this talk I want to do something different, delving into the details of what WebAssembly actually is, through the process of creating a compiler that targets WebAssembly.