How to write a DevOps friendly Node application - David Gonzalez (LNUG May 2020)

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

[Editor's note: apologies, we lost the last couple minutes of the talk - but the best bits are here :)]

DevOps is a necessity nowadays. It is not a job title itself but a set of practices, many of them spanning across development. It is extremely important that the applications that we write are adapted to run in a DevOps environment:

Monitoring Process management Log aggregation Are only few of the aspects to be considered when building a Node application in order to succeed on DevOps environments, specially containers and Kubernetes. David Gonzalez is a DevOps Architect at NearForm, building systems at scale for our customers. He is also a Google Developer Expert on Kubernetes and avid coder. Author of three books around microservices and DevOps, he is always challenging the comfort zone of his day to day work finding new ways of delivering highly transactional systems.

Twitter: @dagonzago LinkedIn GitHub: @dgonzalez