Dan Jenkins - WebRTC Reborn

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

WebRTC has had a real tough 3 or 4 years, and so have those working with it. Only a few short years ago, the development world were excited about WebRTC and proclaiming how awesome it was.

You might have played with the technology a couple of years ago, only to find the extra infrastructure requirements were painful to implement and poorly documented. This probably left a bitter taste in your mouth, especially when things went wrong.

Those in the industry have been working hard to sweeten the deal again - efforts have been made to bring WebRTC into the mainstream and as a result the technology is experiencing a rebirth. Thanks to those who have remained dedicated to improving the situation for those around them, WebRTC is finally starting to fulfil the original expectations that were had of it. Both the technology and the support networks have been built up to make experimenting with it again a pleasure, not a pain.

WebRTC has grown up; in this talk you will learn how far along the tech has come, its current capabilities, the amazing things that people are starting to do with it, and how simple getting started with the new toolsets available.