Managing Multiple NPM Modules in a Single Repo September 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


Ever since the start of Node-RED, the runtime and editor components have been packaged together as a single blob of npm module.

With the 0.20 release we split the internals apart into 6 separate new npm modules, along with the original node-red module to glue it all back together - and we did it without end users ever knowing (apart from us talking about it at every chance we got).

This talk reveals how we went about this refactoring and the challenges of managing multiple modules in a single repo. I'll talk about why we ultimately decided not to use one of the various mono-repo tools, such as Lerna, and ultimately decided to roll our own approach.

About me

I'm an Open Source developer at IBM and the creator of Node-RED. I can be found online as @knolleary in lots of the usual places.

I presented about Node-RED at LNUG in its very early days of September 2013, not long after we'd first open sourced it.