Expressless 200 OK - Eran Keren London Node User Group May 2018

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Heard about Serverless? Already know Express.js? Too afraid to use the two?

My talk will last ~20 mins and will cover the following:

  • Where are my servers? (Moving from the classic setup to a serverless one)

  • Express.js + Serverless?

  • How can I test my serverless app? (Offline testing)

  • Where are my logs?

  • Wait, are my apis public? (Securing your endpoints)

  • Shhhhh....(Keeping secrets)

About me:

I started my career over a decade ago writing code for firewalls and security systems (c/c++/java). In recent years I've been specialising in cloud engineering, microservices, aws and serverless (mostly in node.js).

Now: I'm the CTO of a young and still in stealth mode startup -