Thomas Schoffelen - Transactional emails at scale LNUG #93 - March 2020 - The Remote Edition

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Almost all tech startups send out a bunch of emails to their users. Many of those will be based on certain triggers, like creating accounts, new posts, invoice creation, etc. Based on my experience building some companies and apps that rely heavily on transactional emails, I'd like to talk about how to manage and structure those.

Building and managing templates with involvement of stakeholders (marketing/partnerships team, designers, etc.) My solution: Macaw (repo | blog) - a Node.js toolset to streamline email sending and template management Setting up an email sending flow in your serverless app (optional - depending on time) Ensuring your emails arrive: your own IP address, SPF and DKIM, reply-to, etc. Bio

Starting my first tech company at age 16, I've co-founded several startups that focus on improving communication and helping small businesses, including NearSt, which partners with Google to help local shops make their products searchable and Infowijs, which helps Dutch high schools communicate better with their students, parents and teachers.

I'm on Twitter as @tschoffelen.