Serverless in Production An Experience Report - Yan Cui & Scott Smethurst - LNUG March 2018 1

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

AWS Lambda has changed the way we deploy and run software, but this new serverless paradigm has created new challenges to old problems - how do you test a cloud-hosted function locally? How do you monitor them? What about logging and config management? And how do we start migrating from existing architectures?

In this talk Yan will discuss solutions to these challenges by drawing from real-world experience running Lambda in production and migrating from an existing monolithic architecture.

About me:

Yan (@theburningmonk) is a polyglot developer and architect, he is a regular speaker at user groups and conferences internationally. Yan is the author of AWS Lambda in Motion, a co-author of F# Deep Dives, and he keeps an active blog at where he shares his thoughts on topics such as AWS, serverless, functional programming and chaos engineering.

my co-speaker is Scott Smethurst : Scott’s passion for computing began when he was gifted a Commodore 64 for Christmas in 1988 and really took hold while studying Computer Science at the University of Manchester. He’s been an architect, lead developer and consultant within a variety of industries, working with organisations ranging from a multi-billion pound corporation to a failed start-up. Scott has spent most of the past 2 years designing and building several serverless architectures and has decided to start sharing some of those experiences.